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Vanity, 2019

50 x 70 cm, Mixed Media


Working as both a safety net and a barrier that must be surpassed to attain true self-awareness, the ego acts as a guardian on the threshold of the subconscious.

It is a line of defence that marks the boundary of the ordinary world. Not necessarily adversarial, it simply seeks to position us where our commitment can be tested before unnecessary damage is caused. It exists to ensure that we are prepared for the unknown territory which lies ahead.

Following the awakening of an altered state of consciousness, the new awareness of a previously flawed, and somewhat falsely constructed identity, leaves us fragile and insecure.

Confronting the ego in this state of vulnerability is an active choice, it proves that we are willingly responding to a call and that we are ready to face adversity in order to attain knowledge of the self.

β€œLet himself be drawn hither by the coercion of the phenomena themselves.”