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A continuing project in which I explore ways to convey meaning and identity through the use of a symbol. Beginning with vandalism and claiming ownership of public space, the ‘P’ emblem has since evolved into a brand logo and represents an umbrella under which I can place myself and my entire body of work. I continue to explore semiotics through the use of this particular sign, discovering how and why people come to perceive certain values in relation to it. Overall it represents and allows some degree of continuity through my transitory modes of creative exploration.

The first formal piece in this series was comprised of 9, simple, A4 screen prints. Each individual element created one larger piece, with the consistent repetition of the Piffy ‘P’ in various sizes and formats. The varying colours of fluorescent backgrounds acted as a second signifier across the work.

As a satirical commentary on mass consumption and corporate law the title “Part of a multipack, not for resale” was coined as a reference to the, not at all legally enforceable, motif seen on the backs of food items. Each frame was priced at 50p, meaning the ‘pack’ was in fact split down and resold.