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Transcendence, 2019

50 x 70 cm, Mixed Media

After breaking through the barrier posed by the ego, we cross the threshold into the unconscious.

This is the beginning of an alchemical, metamorphic state within us; we feel ecstatic, fuelled by a desire to explain the sublime experiences that have carried us forward to this moment. We are driven to connect more deeply with the creative self.

We rightly feel lifted beyond our regular being, living more vividly and intensely than usual, firing on all cylinders and inhaling the whole of our humanity. Everything is exciting, new, and unknown. It is here where we begin to form new morals and an identity based on this newfound, wider perspective.

Some of the ignorance of youth remains, yet we are ready and willing to embark into this mysterious terrain.

There is no concept of danger at this point, only an overwhelming drive, and excitement. The adventure ahead has been embraced.

We are overconfident; testing the boundaries and elasticity of this unknown field.

“After the ecstasy, it is said, comes the laundry.”