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Paroxysm, 2021

40 x 70 cm, Mixed Media

It is here where our strength is truly tested.

We have metaphorically slain the dragon and we must find our way out of the deep abyss in which we have travelled great lengths.

Still holding onto a certain degree of anger and resentment after the complexity of events that came previous, we must fight our way back up through the rubble which has accumulated on top of us, that prevents us from blossoming.

A revelation is in place here.

Fear has died to make way for courage; ignorance has died for the birth of knowledge. Dependency must die so independence and power can grow.

We need to transmute our indignation into gratitude and love, otherwise, we faced all the previous trials and return with no reward.

Now we must uncover and carry back the newfound wisdom, and in doing so, re-enter the world as a new person.

To succeed, we must learn to let go.

“The simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.”