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Katabasis, 2020

50 x 70 cm, Mixed Media

Climbing down into the furthest depths of our being, we approach the life-centering, life-renewing act.

We have reached our own internal ‘hell’ where it is inevitable that we must take on the ultimate crises and challenges. We face fear full frontally; represented as the demon, who is not only intimidating but benedictory and welcoming. Its actualisation represents the potential for it to be conquered.

In this battle our previous heroism will be provoked; it is here that we must realise our mortality, and to do so, we must lose something of ourselves.

It is here that we are forced to make the sacrifice.

The body is either literally or metaphorically dismembered, and we are forced to witness the constraints of our corporeal body. Here, we become human again.

Our valiant temporality is annihilated and the conditions have been set for our rebirth.

“Error necessitates sacrifice to correct it…to accept the truth means to sacrifice.”