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Delinquency, 2019

50 x 70 cm, Mixed Media

Socialisation and peer acceptance are the primary concerns when immersed in the carelessness and hedonism of youth.

We desperately attempt to avoid the impending and inevitable responsibilities of adulthood; Possessing a certain degree of ignorance that allows us to believe that our pursuit of pleasure is a political commitment. This phenomena is undeniably necessary and just – a rite of passage.

We struggle for justice and liberation. Ironically we attempt to avoid any responsibility for ourselves and simultaneously proclaim it as an unprecedented mode of existence.

Seeking refuge in mind-altering substances, we are, unexpectedly, met with profound altered states of consciousness that, instead of shielding us from the complexity of the self, force us to confront the true nature of reality.

“Since the appearance of things was no longer definitive but limitless, this paradisiacal awareness freed me from the reality external to myself.”