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Allegory, 2022

130 x 100 cm, Mixed Media


The sphinx is an archaic metaphor, representing the ubiquitous nature of true wisdom. It is an instantly recognisable sign which encapsulates the journey we took into the unknown terrain of the subconscious.

The journey that transfigured our fragmented, tragic, individuality has now bestowed on us the gift of knowledge and yet an evident reluctance remains; it is doubted whether the message of realisation can even be communicated.

Yet this piece marks the honest attempt to return to society and review the foretelling of myth in a new era.

The allegory of the sphinx, that was devised in a different society, ages apart, and under different conditions can still directly address the unpredictable and arbitrary modes of the quest for knowledge.

It is this fact that exemplifies duality and explicates a commonality in our modes of experience.

This piece is the gift of the transformed self, a symbol of hope and strength that encapsulates something as abstract as the elixir of life itself; the holy grail.

“A man’s life of any worth is a continual allegory and very few eyes can see the mystery of life.”