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Division, 2023

Cells are the basic structural and functional units of life, performing essential processes such as metabolism, growth, and reproduction. They are the building blocks of all living organisms, and all life on Earth shares a degree of similarity on the cellular level. The closer and closer we look at things,…

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Communion, 2023

Besides the social and ethnographic connotations of communion, which can often become dogmatic (and in worst cases oppressive), the existence of mycorrhizal networks can be thought to represent a kind of natural communion. This mutually beneficial association between fungi and plant roots allows different species of plants to share vital…

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Antagony, 2023

If we interpret "antagony" as a portmanteau of "antagonist" and "agony," it suggests a state of extreme conflict or struggle that causes great anguish or suffering; it can be thought to describe a situation in which forces are locked in intense opposition. We have separated ourselves from nature and it…

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Solastalgia, 2023

Solastalgia is a term coined by Australian environmental philosopher Glenn Albrecht, combining the words solace and nostalgia. It refers to a form of existential distress and psychological unease that is induced by negative environmental changes. Unlike traditional nostalgia, which is triggered by longing for a past place or time, solastalgia…

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Momento (Maranasati), 2023

Maranasati, which translates to “mindfulness of death” or “contemplation of death,” is a Buddhist meditation practice that encourages individuals to reflect on impermanence and inevitability. The large size of the tapestry intends to bombard us with a reminder of our own mortality, urging viewers to face discomfort and contemplate the…

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