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Prophecy, 2021

300 x 360 cm, Tapestry

As the first artwork in the chronological series ‘Prophecy’ sets a nihilistic milieu for the entire collection.

Embroidered with a speculative poem, the tapestry acts as a curtain that invites us to step into an alternate viewpoint, yet at this time, we remain very much in the ‘ordinary’ world.

The piece addresses mundane elements of existence and the every day, albeit from a less anthropocentric and a more metaphysical perspective, questioning why it is that humanity seems to be disconnected from any sense of honest spirituality and true knowledge.

The words express a postulation that wisdom itself is coveted, either as a sublime fact (occult means ‘hidden’) or by a powerful elite who force people to live in alienation and despair (knowledge is power).

The elements that remain consistent in this work, and the words within it, are uncertainty and dissatisfaction; an uncomfortable state of being that is sure to act as a catalyst in the formation of a new mode of existence.

“The desert is no longer those of the empire but of ours – the desert of the real itself.”